Why You Need a Pet Pig

Pet Fever

Humans love company. We love it so much, in fact, that our brain evolved to use up 20% of all the calories we consume, while only weighing around 3 pounds. Why is that relevant? Well, because mother nature decided that granting us the ability to communicate was worth the calorie sacrifice. Whether we’re talking about verbal or non-verbal communication, mankind really is the cream of the crop. We weren’t blessed with the huge fangs of lions or the sharp claws of tigers, so words became our weapon of choice. Instead of waiting for evolution to instill new information into our DNAs, we could now verbally pass down customs and traditions to younger generations. We didn’t need to wait 5 million years for our stomach acid to turn nuclear so that we could digest raw meat –  we could just roast it over an open fire! Back then, we relied heavily on animals both as food sources, as well as for companionship, so we worked our magic and succeeded in taming them. Times have changed and, though we no longer require little critters to help us hunt or protect our food supplies, we’ve embraced pets and brought them along with us as our way of life changed. Nowadays, we like to be greeted by a pair of excited eyes and a wagging tail when we get home from work. We like snuggling up on the couch on lazy Sundays or doing homework in the company of a little rodent or colorful fish. The more time we spend caring for this other being, the better we feel about ourselves.

The Most Underrated Pet

Whether you have young children who are constantly begging you to get them a pet or you’re looking for a furry little buddy to keep you company while you’re stuck at home, I would highly recommend getting a guinea pig! They are smart, resilient, and reliable little creatures with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and a curious personality. They don’t require as much upkeep as cats and dogs, and they are a good size for both a house and an apartment. As far as rodents go, they are definitely on the bigger size, more closely resembling a bunny rather than a hamster or a rat. They like to keep to themselves – but are also open to human interaction and they’re very easy to train. As an added bonus, they are really easy to care for, so they make wonderful pets for children and young teens. Be prepared to spend a bit more money on supplies right before you get your fur baby, but don’t worry! You won’t spend nearly as much money as you’d have to shell out for a puppy or a baby cat. The one item you’ll be spending the most on is the cage. Food, bedding, and toys are relatively cheap, and pigs don’t require any special solutions or vitamins. The best guinea pig cage is one that gives them enough space to move around, without occupying half the floor space in your home. If you’re on the prowl to get a new hairy friend, definitely give guinea pigs a try! You won’t regret it!

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