Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a site dedicated to providing information and reviews of major online education courses, to help interested students find great courses on topics they’re interested in. It is also a venue for students to track all their online education and to connect with other students. Please see our About page for more details.

Is free?


What the heck is a Knollop?

A Knollop is a ‘dollop of knowledge’ and we use the term to represent online courses and distinct units of educational content.

Is affiliated with any university or online education website?

No. We are completely independent of any and all online course providers.

I’ve taken an online course, why is it not on your site?

Sorry! We are working to get all online courses on our site. Please submit the course and we’ll try to add it asap!

How do I find a Knollop that I’m looking for?

You can search for a Knollop by title or keyword using the Search panel at the top of the page, or you can use the Knollop link in the menu (again at the top of the page) to see all Knollops.

What does each Knollop rating mean?

Our ratings are intended to convey several different characteristics of each course.
The Content rating specifies how good the information in the course is (one of Terrible, Pretty Lame, OK, Great, Amazing).
The Difficulty rating specifies how hard the course is for a student (one of Easy, Pretty Easy, OK, Tough, Impossible).
The Depth rating specifies how detailed the course is (one of A Cursory Glance, An Overview, OK, Detailed, Highly Detailed).
The Fun rating specifies how entertaining/enjoyable the course is (one of An Awful Time, Boring, OK, Good Fun, Time of my Life).

How do I review a Knollop?

To review a Knollop you must be logged in to the site. Once logged in, you can use the “Add your own review” tab to enter your review. Please give honest feedback about a Knollop so that your review will be helpful to others!

Will other people see my profile?

No – only you can see your profile. However, we are working hard to make it possible for you to share your profile with others if you want to.
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